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Easy Money With Translation

Hey, I’d like to post this quick guide how I’ve made a few easy bucks in the last weeks.

What do you need is:

Ok, so the Palfish app lets you to speak English to Chinese users at the same time earning money. Easy as that. You set your own cost per minute pricing and the amount a user has to pay when turning to you for the first time. The rate I’d recommend you to set 1-6 CNY (Chinese Yuan Renminbi), but see what other teachers do and test what works for the best for you.

1 USD = 6.86616 CNY

1 CNY = 0.145642 USD

At first you need good rating so you should start with lower cost per minute and work the pay up getting new students, getting good feedback from them and then cashing in. Don’t worry about what to speak. You can freely talk about anything, but it’s better if you start out in certain topics and for a certain time. For example, on my first hour I already got three students and to them I basically talked how my day went, what I ate and what else I did.

You will get paid through Paypal. No minimum payment. No threshold.

There is also a referral program for extra money. If you recruit a student, he/she needs to be on a call for 5 minutes and you get paid. If you recruit a teacher, you will be paid more. For example, Facebook is full of Chinese groups and such, go post in there with your referral link and ask for a 5 minute chat. Just think. I had a few friends who I referred to the program also as teachers.

With this you wont get rich, but this is something that will surely earn you some dough. Good luck!

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    3dum3lu0lu February 5, 2017 at 11:03 pm

    Wow thanks!

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