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Unlimited Uber Rides For Free

I’ll show you two neat methods for FREE Uber rides. Enjoy!

Method #1

You need an iPhone or Android phone that has never been used to register an Uber account. It helps to have multiple devices to do this with. Uber saves the MEID of your phone when you register so if you have a jailbroken phone or a rooted Android, you can reset and reuse the same device. Otherwise you’ll have to use a new device or an iPhone/Android emulator such as BlueStacks each time you want a ride.

  1. Download the Uber app. Open it. Start to fill in.
  2. For a phone number you can use Pinger to get a temporary number or download the Textnow or Textfree app on your phone for the verification code. Of course you can just use an actual number, like buy a cheap SIM-card. Important is that you will need a new number each time.
  3. You can use a temporary email from tempmail, guerillamail, etc.
  4. When asked for a card download an app called Wirex and get a free VCC from them. Other options are to get a VCC from Bancore or Coinizy, a prepaid card (Vanilla Visa, etc.) with at least $5, or a personal bank card (since you wont get charged) or just your Paypal. You can re-use the same number up to 3 times
  5. For your free ride up to $20 (depends on your country), open the Menu and go to Payment Methods > Apply Promotion Code and enter the code: cvbodb
  6. Use it!
  7. You can do it unlimited.
    1. If you had other mobile devices, use them or family members.
    2. If you have a rooted Android, reset it.
    3. If you used BlueStacks, download BSTweaker 3.12, then reset your GUID, go to your settings in the Bluestacks app, Force Stop your Uber Apps and clear the data, and do it all again with a different account.

Method #2

This has greater success rate and is the faster way to free Uber rides. It works when you already have an Uber account and used your free ride.

  1. Go to the ​Uber Support.
  2.  Sign in to your Uber account if you haven’t already and fill in the required fields with your Uber account info. Be sure to put
    “I want to cancel my Uber account” or a variation of it in the subject line.
  3. In the body of the message, provide the rest of your account information (name, phone number).
  4. Select your Uber city.
  5. Send.
  6. Remake your account and again, put in the promotion code: cvbodb for another free ride.
  7. Rinse and repeat 🙂

PS: Don’t use the same driver more than once because they will probably catch on that you’re using different names. They still get paid, but don’t risk it. The app will tell you who is coming to pick you up when you request a ride so it’s not difficult.


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