Hello and welcome to Methodsbay!

This site is made for people who are looking for help and for people who love to help. What I am trying to achieve is a collection of methods which can help you in different parts of life. Need a couple of fast bucks for that new Playstation game? No worries, got you covered with this make money with translation guide. Hey, I’m in the middle of nowhere, stranded… really need a pickup. Have you heard of free Uber rides? etc. I’m aiming for a collection of life hacks, I hope you see my vision.

My name is Brad. I have a thing for interesting ways to cheat life. Really into these crazy methods, like, for example “How to hack a vending machine?”… it drives me nuts and I’m so tempted to try these. So a lot of time of my day is spending trying to find these methods . Oh, and of course moneymaking methods. Loving how you can make real money with some mind blowing tricks. So that is my passion, and in November 2016 I came up with this idea to create Methodsbay.

I’m trying my best to gather you different methods, but I need your help. The internet is big and every one of you has their own pool of knowledge. So please, if you know something neat, share the information by clicking the “Submit Your Method” button, and help the people in need. And if you have really stepped on a gem and don’t want to share it with the whole wide web, you can make an ebookĀ or some course out of it and ask money for it, I just recently opened a market for that.